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About Sense Digital

Sense Digital Media delivers innovative advertising experiences that transform the way brands interact with audiences through desktop and mobile environment.
Our platform blends one of the largest digital media reach and data with user-centric ad formats intended to drive engagement and action.
Creativity and audience insight form the foundation on which we build smarter and more relevant solutions for advertisers and publishers.

We help you reach your audience across display, video and mobile media, at a global scale.

Advertise @ Sense

At Sense, the core team has one thing in common: We are all passionate about building a platform and providing a service that is valued by advertisers and publishers. Sense is a company of advertising media and technology specialists, working towards rapid development and growth to meet the challenges head-on by developing new technologies and innovative marketing tools.
We help Advertisers find unique ways to reach the target audience and drive measurable results across all their sales channels. From impression to conversion, we continuously profile, score and deliver to meet your expectations and fulfill your objectives.

Premium Inventory

“Quality or quantity? How about both?”

Measuring Performance

"Live stats.
Real results"

Expertise & Services

"People at Sense – Always at the top of the Game"


"As the technology changes, so does the industry."

Offerings @ Sense

Sense takes pride in being the country's youngest and most vibrant 360-degrees digital media solution provider.
Sense offers high-impact brand advertising to top leading publishers on the web.

Brand @ Sense

  • CPM, CPC/CPV, Mailer Solutions
  • Genres: Business, news, finance, entertainment, sports, women, shopping, auto, communication, technology, B2B, gaming/kids, regional, youth, travel, lifestyle

Results @ Sense

  • CPL, CPS
  • Validation parameters, reduced junk, confirmed sales

View @ Sense

  • Video Views
  • Pre-rolls, expandable videos, mid-roll, post-roll, user initiated player skinning, video content support etc.

Content @ Sense

  • Content creation, content seeding, content amplification, data analytics
  • Publishers: Scoopwhoop, Storypick, Rookiestew, Youthconnectmag, Akar Bakar, Tripoto etc.

Other Business Units @ Sense


At MobiSense, we have developed capabilities in the mobile domain for customer acquisition and engagement through multiple audience-targeting tools.

We are a tech-focused mobile network and we offer solutions for:

  • Cost Per Video View
  • Cost Per Click

We partner with companies and support them in their Mobile User Acquisitions through various play stores (Google Play, iTunes). We represent global traffic by the virtue of our own DSP ecosystem. Our advertisers span across e-commerce, gaming, entertainment, travel, music and utility categories.


  • IntelloGrid is a native platform that integrates high-quality content with the organic experience of a given platform (blogs, in our case).
  • IntelloGrid Ad Units conform to the design and the feel of the sites on which they are displayed, thus preserving the immersive user experience while producing click-through rates like that of an editorial content.

Content Partners of Sense Digital

Sense partners with some of the biggest content publishing platforms throughout India.

Technology @ Sense

We have put together a solid list of tools that have helped us and our clients to scale growth. These tools not only help us to diagnose campaign issues and identify gaps in the client’s KPIs but also help us to outscore their objectives.
Ad Servers
Robust Platform
Fraud Prevention
Third Party Server APIs
Real-time Bidding
Contextual & targeted advertising
Native trust building with prospects
Performance Analytics – Real-time access

Team @ Sense


Hitesh Trehan
Founder & Director



Nipun Malik
Co-Founder & Director


30 Million+

Unique Users

70 Million+

Page Views

20 Million+

People Engaged

92 Million+

Users Active on Social Media

Sense Digital Inventory

We have the privilege of working with some of the most well-known companies in the world and we don't take this lightly.

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